APR Held Community Health Check-ups in 7 villages in Pelalawan

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) held community health checkups in seven villages, giving more than 400 people the opportunity to consult with doctors and dentists.

The free health checkups also gave mothers and pregnant women the chance to learn about infant nutrition and childcare.

At the Health Centre of Lalang Kabung Village, residents had a checkup, including taking their blood pressure, followed by physical examination by a doctor. All these steps were carried out following strict health protocols and maintaining safe distancing.

Local resident Mrs Elli, 48, was seen waiting patiently for his turn to visit the doctor. “I have been feeling weak lately, as soon as I heard about the free medical check-ups in the village, I am taking the opportunity to consult with the doctor,” he said.

The head of the health centres in Pelalawan District, Mrs Asmawati, observed that most residents come for preexisting ailments. “Many residents complained of hypertension, diabetes, gout and cholesterol. There were also many people seeking dental treatment,” he said.

Mrs Asmawati added that the free medical check-ups were very beneficial for the communities, particularly in the rainy season when residents tend to be more prone to illness.

“The company provides several programmes supporting expectant mothers, including supplementary baby food and nutritional classes,” he explained.

BR Binahidra Logiardi, head of community development, said that the health check-ups are part of the company’s commitment to the health and well-being of residents within a 50km radius of our operations.

“Our health initiatives are also in line with government programs supporting the early detection of non-communicable diseases, and the services are implemented properly. The provision of this initiative is APR’s commitment to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goal 3 of Good Health and Well-being,” he said.

The free medical check-ups were conducted in the villages of Lalang Kabung, Kuala Terusan, Sering, Makmur, Simpang Perak Jaya, Pangkalan Kerinci Kota, Pangkalan Kerinci Timur and Pangkalan Kerinci Barat.

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