APR Launches 2020 Sustainability Report

Powering 100 per cent of our production from renewable energy, launching Jakarta Fashion Hub to kick-start growth in the Indonesian fashion industry, and unveiling ambitious expansion plans to more than double our capacity by 2023 – it’s been a busy year for APR.

These achievements and more are documented in our 2020 Sustainability Report, which, as our Director Basrie Kamba states, showcases how “we worked to keep our people and communities safe while building towards our goal to be at the forefront of sustainability in the global textile fibre manufacturing sector”.

APR is now the market leader in Indonesia, producing more than half the country’s viscose fibre. In 2020 we announced plans to increase our production capacity from 240,000 tonnes of fibre per year to 600,000 tonnes in 2023.

“Given that the entire Indonesian textile industry currently produces 840,000 tonnes of fibre annually, achieving these growth targets will transform fibre manufacturing at a national level and turn Indonesia into a prominent textile player globally,” said Kamba.

We also launched co-working design space Jakarta Fashion Hub (JFH), which connects brands, designers, influencers, photographers, and like-minded individuals in driving sustainable growth in the Indonesian fashion industry. By connecting start-ups and small scale designers with fabric suppliers we eliminate minimum order requirements, enabling them to order only what they need, while also introducing them to sustainable viscose. We’re proud to have earned 2,500 members in our first year of operations at JFH.

Sustainability remained a key focus in 2020. We launched Follow Our Fibre, a block chain-based traceability platform to provide end-to-end visibility on our supply chain. Customers simply scan a QR code to understand the origin of APR’s raw materials.

We also saw across-the-board reductions in our energy, waste, and water consumption intensity over 2019. Together with our 90.7% sulphur recovery rate, these results demonstrate our progress towards becoming a world-class facility.

APR is continually engaging with stakeholders, government and civil society to make tremendous progress that benefits millions of people and nation.

“Looking ahead, we hope that the pandemic will soon abate so we can focus on achieving our company vision and contributing to the wider Indonesian textile fibre manufacturing industry,” added Kamba.

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