APR Lookbooks at a Glance

We’ve put out some lookbooks that you shouldn’t miss. All showcase beautiful clothes made using renewable viscose rayon by talented local designers from Indonesia.

First up is a lookbook that we released in 2020 on G-Living Indonesia: that’s Go Natural Beauty, Great Maturity, Generation Influencer and Good Exploration.

Traditional Indonesian techniques meets modern fashion in Batik Reimagined, with 13 designers giving their take on the future of this colourful cloth. Ali Charisma, Olif Kinanti and others showcase the richness of Indonesian culture, with a modern twist.

Lastly, the Lounge ‘N Leisure lookbook, released when APR held a virtual fashion show in early 2021. Local brands re Purana, Interim, EUREKA, and KC Sleepwear show off comfortable and environmentally friendly clothes that are perfect for staying at home during quarantine.

These masterpieces were also briefly shown at a virtual fashion show broadcasted from the Jakarta Fashion Hub, a working space for fashion enthusiasts located in the centre of Jakarta.

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