APR Sponsors Early Childhood Nutrition and Meal Prep Demonstration on National Nutritional Day

To mark Indonesia’s National Nutritional Day we partnered with PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) to host stunting prevention workshops at community health centres around our operational area.

The Stunting Prevention program targets mothers and toddlers as part of Asia Pacific Rayon’s  (APR) Community Development programme. In 2020 we reached 1,487 toddlers and 152 expectant mothers across 32 health centres within a 50 km radius of our operations.

Although the national stunting rate has fallen from 37.2 per cent of under-fives in 2013 to 27.7 per cent 2019 it still remains a significant problem in Indonesia. Caused largely by lack of adequate nutrition, it has life-long implications for health and mental development.

program pencegahan stunting anak di indonesia

Mrs Suryani, Head of the Posyandu Kusuma health centre in Pangkalan Kerinci, said that as many as 50 babies and toddlers and their parents attend the monthly activity. Mothers are taught to prepare nutritional, balanced meals for their children using natural ingredients.

“The programme has been greeted with great enthusiasm. We are providing valuable information about stunting prevention and nutrition and giving additional activities on meal preparation for babies and toddlers, such as making fish-ball soup,” Suryani said.

A participant and mother of two children, Mrs Pelda, added that the cooking classes were useful and the instructions easy to follow. She was grateful for APR’s support and sponsorship of the programme.

“The fish-ball soup is delicious yet simple to make, it is liked by babies and toddlers. I have come to realize that many instant foods for babies and toddlers have additives and artificial flavours. By preparing meals at home, I have greater control over what goes into the meal. I am grateful for the cooking demonstration and the understanding of making nutritional meals for my children,” she said.

All activities in the workshops are carried out following health protocols to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

anak indonesia bebas stunting

“By focusing on stunting prevention and combining awareness with nutritional programmes, we are supporting the company’s long-term commitment to reduce the rate of stunting in the Riau Province by 50%,” said Sundari Berlian, Coordinator of the Community Development Programme for RAPP.

APR has been supporting the local community since starting operations in January 2019. The Stunting Prevention programme can only be effective when the local government and private sector work hand in hand to reduce the stunting rate in the province through targeted interventions that focus on education, providing health services and nutrition.

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