APR Supports Maternal & Child Health Centres in Riau, Indonesia

As part of efforts to support Riau in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) recently began implementing its Community Maternal Health program to help support expectant mothers and at the same time reduce stunting in children by supporting Posyandu centres.

Posyandu are integrated health posts which are often set up within rural communities in Indonesia. These centres – run by village health volunteers called Cadres – are meant to be one-stop places for expectant mothers and toddlers to access basic maternal and child health services, including medical check-ups.

Health counselling and education is also provided here to mothers who learn how to provide the right nutrition to their children to ensure their optimal growth and development.

For this reason, it is important that the Cadres running these Posyandu centres have adequate knowledge and skills, and for the centres themselves to be well equipped.

In November 2019, APR began holding discussions with local authorities about improving and supporting 28 Posyandu centres located in the communities within a 300km radius of its mill operational areas in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau.

Working in tandem with the local governments, APR’s community development officers will work to ensure that all 28 Posyandu centres are equipped with weighing scales and instruments that are used specifically to measure toddlers’ weights and heights.

The company will start providing training to the Cadres about the significance of proper nutrition during the child development phase, and distribute food items which have the required nutritional needs, to villagers who visit the Posyandu centres.

APR will continue to establish community programs in line with the RGE Group’s business philosophy in that doing good for the community, country, climate and customer will then only be good for the company.

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