APR Viscose and Riau Woven Cloth Blended to Create Fitting Designs at MUFFEST 2020

In a first in Riau history, two young fashion designers from the region flew to Indonesia’s capital to exhibit their works on the 2020 Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST) catwalk, on Friday, February 21, 2020.

Thiffa Qhaisty and Andi Fitri Hartuti, two designers from the Pekanbaru and Siak districts in Riau succeeded in mesmerizing attendees with their designs at MUFFEST, which was held in Cendrawasih Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Jakarta.

Both Thiffa and Andi Fitri were supported by Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) to introduce designs which combine APR’s viscose and woven cloth from Riau.

asia pacific rayon viscose sustainable fabric garment industry

“I am very proud that there is a company in our area (Riau) which can produce viscose rayon, material for fabric that is comfortable to wear, and even more so that I was given the opportunity to be creative in making clothes using viscose rayon from APR which were displayed at MUFFEST 2020. Thank God,” said Andi Fitri.

Each designer from Riau exhibited six outfits with different themes. Thiffa’s collection was themed ‘Dara’, (meaning ‘girl’ in the Riau Malay language), while Andi Fitri’s collection was called ‘Boundless’.

asia pacific rayon support riau young fashion designer

“I was inspired by the Baju kurung, the traditional female outfit that Malay people, including in Riau, wear. I created original Riau songket using viscose rayon material for comfort. Riau woven cloth on its own can be rather hot when worn, but when paired with viscose material from APR, the clothing will feel a lot more comfortable for the wearer. So this collaboration between woven cloth and viscose is very fitting indeed,” said Thiffa.

APR viscose fiber comes from renewable raw materials which are managed responsibly and sustainably, and has the advantage of being biodegradable, cool and easy to combine with other clothing raw materials. It is also breathable and has lustre properties, making clothes look more beautiful.

With the theme “Everything Indonesia“, APR was one of the main supporters at this year’s MUFFEST.

APR, which operates in Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau province, continues to support local designers who are able to represent the characteristics of Riau on a national level, as well as designers from the Indonesian Fashion Chamber, which partnered with Gajah Duduk and Dan Liris this year.

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