APY Celebrates Two Years of Operations

This year is the second anniversary of Asia Pacific Yarn (APY), the only fully integrated viscose yarn manufacturer in Indonesia. Operating next to Asia Pacific Rayon’s mill in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, APY produces high-quality yarn for the textile industry and provides job opportunities to hundreds of people in the local area.

the viscose yarn manufacture in Indonesia

APY commenced operations in February 2020, right before the pandemic began in Indonesia, but has successfully ramped up operations despite the uncertainty.

asia pacific yarn operating in Riau

APY applies the latest yarn spinning technologies to produce high-quality yarn products. The state-of-the-art facility has an annual capacity of 32,000 equivalent ring spindles with open-end-rotors, ring spindles and vortex positions. It can produce up to 72,000 kilograms of knitted fabrics per year, 432,000 meters of printed fabric, 400,000 meters of dyed fabric and 25,000 pieces of garments to support the Indonesian textile industry and overseas markets.

viscose yarn manufacture in Indonesia

In April 2020, APY dispatched its first container for the domestic market, followed by the first export shipment to Barcelona, ​​Spain, a month later.

To date, APY has sold more than 12,000 tonnes to domestic customers, and exported to more than 18 countries globally.


Kumar Chandra Bhusan, APY’s Operational Manager, said the company has seen steady growth while ensuring worker safety despite the pandemic.

“We should be grateful because, during this pandemic, APY is still able to grow and produce high-quality yarn using advanced technology. And also, good teamwork is one of the keys to success,” Kumar said.

APY aims to become a responsible and efficient world-class viscose rayon yarn producer, while creating value in line with the 5C Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) business philosophy where the company’s operations must be good for Community, Country, Climate, Customers and only then will they be good for the Company.


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