Are You Indonesia’s Next Top Designer?

A prestigious national fashion designing competition, the Fashion Designer Competition held by Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW), is a stepping stone for future Indonesian designers.

Throughout the history of Jakarta Fashion Week, the Fashion Designer Competition has contributed greatly to the Indonesian fashion industry. Since its establishment in 1979 it’s given a platform for designers such as Frederika Cynthia Dewi, the founder of Eureka, the Indonesian brand that just launched a home wear collection using APR’s viscose.

This year, APR is one of the supporters of the Fashion Designer Competition by JFW.

Sheila Marisa Rachmat, Marketing Communications Head of APR, said that this support is expected to improve the Indonesian fashion industry by producing more talented designers.

“We hope all participants can present their best masterpiece in this competition,” said Sheila.

This year’s theme is ‘Esensi Indonesiana’ which challenges the participants to create contemporary design representing Indonesia, either through concepts, materials, colours, motifs, or silhouettes.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2021

Many great prizes await the winners of Fashion Designer Competition. In addition to cash, the overall winner will get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through courses at the world-renowned design institution in Milan, Italy, Istituto Marangoni. Opportunities to increase flight hours in e-commerce and supply quality fabrics for production.

The 2021 Fashion Designer Competition themed Essence of Indonesia closes on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

Apply now by filling in this form and email to


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