Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated annually on February 11, recognises the critical role that females play in science and technology across the world.

Here at Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), we have many female employees who are all experts in their respective scientific fields and roles.

In honour of International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020, we hear from four of our female colleagues about why they decided to pursue a career in science and RGE:

international day of women and girl in science

Bella Qisty

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Lab Technician & APR Social Media Ambassador
Chemical Engineering graduate of UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta

I really like the maths involved in solving chemistry or physics equations. I think these subjects really tap into my natural curiosity and innate need to solve problems in the easiest ways possible. Science is not as difficult as other people might think. It just takes determination and a willingness to keep learning and practice our problem-solving abilities. Believe me, once you start liking something, it’s easy for you to want to explore and learn more about it. When I was younger, I used to think working in a laboratory would be tough but as I started pursuing higher studies in science, I became a lot more familiar with using scientific equipment like scales and spectrophotometers. Now I look forward to using them when I’m at work. I think RGE is a company which has managed to develop and manage natural resources in a sustainable manner. RGE also offers employment opportunities to the future leaders of the nation, both women and men who have the ability to work and determination to continue learning.


Dessy Kristina

Distribution Control System (DCS) Operator
Faculty of Mathematic and Science graduate of University of North Sumatra

I chose to study science because I think it is interesting in that we can plan or process through observing what happens naturally around us such as the laws of physics, and apply that knowledge to other experiments or situations. At APR, I make use of scientific concepts daily while on the job as a DCS Operator, since most of the progress in our factory depends on new scientific findings developed through research. My advice to other girls in developing an affinity for science is to know its role in creating a better future, and potential in facing and solving global issues. I believe everyone, including women, should use the opportunities that exist to apply science towards creating benefits for the community and improving the quality of life by developing natural resources in a sustainable manner through RGE – the best and largest natural resource-based company.



Quality Assurance/Quality Control Lab Shift Leader & APR Translator and Host
Graduate of Academy of Pulp & Paper Technology Bandung

The traditional way of thinking is that women can only be housewives, which is wrong. We know that when equipped with scientific knowledge, many things can be done which exceed expectations. Without scientific discovery, we wouldn’t have known that paper, cloth and the clothes that we wear everyday can be made from wood. I feel that science is very magical in that we can use it to help protect the environment, such as discovering how to change unused waste into high-value products. At my job specifically, science is used every day in analysing lab processes which then lead to better decisions that further improve the quality of our products. At RGE, I see no difference between female or male employees, as I see the leadership opportunities at this company are not just given only to men, but also to women. If you are considered worthy and high-achieving, then the opportunity is given to you regardless of your gender.


Muliany Wijaya

R&D Researcher at APRIL, Former Area Supervisor at APR
Chemical Engineering graduate of Technische Universität Berlin

I decided to study chemical engineering because I think the scope of work that can be taken with that major is very broad and challenging. At APRIL, there are many research projects which aim to improve the quality of fibre required. The thing I enjoy most about the work is that it is not monotonous, and also allows for freedom of thought and creativity. To work in R&D, what is most important is a great curiousity to investigate the root cause of problems and to actively seek solutions to them. With good coordination between R&D and operations teams, we can work together to achieve the company’s vision. I do see very few women in certain departments who have managed to rise to high positions. However, at RGE, opportunities for leadership are entrusted to women who are deemed as capable. I was the only female Area Supervisor at some point in APR, but I was happy with that, as I felt that my abilities when proven when management gave me the opportunity. So I believe that if women want to move forward, they should not limit themselves.

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