First Highlights of 2022

The first APR Pulse edition in 2022 highlights the Inauguration of Jakarta Fashion Hub (JFH), APR’s collaborative space in the largest city in Indonesia. This edition also features a prestigious National Fashion Designing Competition supported by APR, as well as exciting webinars hosted by JFH, such as ‘Finding an Audience and Telling Your Story’ and ‘Fashions Change, Forests Stay’.

We highlight our community development programmes such as our partnership with the Indonesian Textile Association (API) Riau chapter to train staff from 23 fashion SMEs in Riau. And we discuss our collaboration with the Indonesian Eco-print Designers Association (IDEI) to launch The Moda Botanica collection, that features 18 pieces of eco-print clothing.

At the end of last year, APR took part in the 2021 End of Year Export Release by the Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi. We also feature the third anniversary of our operation, with celebrations by our team in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau and Jakarta.

On Sustainability, we launched our Sustainability Vision APR2030 to transform APR for the future.

Read all the highlights here

APR Pulse february newsletter


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