Follow Our Fibre Refreshed to Meet Industry Calls for More Transparency and Accountability

In the face of growing concerns over climate change and environmental responsibility, fashion consumers are demanding more transparency and accountability from the industry as they want to know exactly where the clothes they are buying come from.

Asia Pacific Rayon launched Follow Our Fibre in May 2019, to provide our customers with traceability and transparency of our supply chain from seed to viscose staple fibre. The platform reflects the company’s long-term objective for sustainable pulp sourcing and responsible manufacturing, and is a tool for our customers and stakeholders to trace finished products back to forest plantation origins and monitor the environmental performance across our supply chain. Consumers can use their phone to scan a QR code and view the information in real-time on the source of the raw materials and fibre used in the garments.

follow-our-fibreToday, we are relaunching Follow Our Fibre, including data on conservation areas operated by our supply partners in addition to all forest plantation concessions, as well as providing a new look and feel for an enhanced user experience. The relaunched Follow Our Fibre platform enhances the commitment of APR and our supply partners to adopt a landscape approach, focusing on conservation and promoting biodiversity gains in addition to sustainable plantation operations.

Our suppliers and the associations they support are collectively responsible for the conservation of more than 3.12 million hectares of protected forests around the world, including boreal and peat swamp forests which support rich biodiversity like the elusive Sumatran Tiger and Canadian Boreal Caribou, as well as ecosystem services, among which are 22 rivers and tributaries which total over 900km in length.

By providing a snapshot of the forest landscapes and biodiversity that we support, APR hopes to quantify our ecological footprint and as a next step look for opportunities to partner with stakeholders to further strengthen forest conservation in our sourcing areas and to enhance biodiversity.

“It is vital that we work with our supply partners to protect and strengthen forest landscape conservation areas rich in flora and fauna, and home to threatened and endangered species for today and future generations. These form part of APR’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 13 on Climate Action, and 15 on Life on Land,” said Cherie Tan, VP of Sustainability and Communications.

Find out more and try ‘Follow Our Fibre’ yourself now!

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