Highlights of 2021 – Second Quarter

The highlights in the second quarter of 2021. APR’s announced plans to increase its production capacity to 600,000 tonnes in 2023. Jakarta Fashion Hub (JFH) hosted several virtual events, collaborating with popular local brands Purana, Interim Clothing, Eureka and KC Sleepwear. JFH became the venue for Fashion Revolution Summit working in collaboration with Fashion Revolution ID and Closed Loop Fashion Indonesia. At the Muslim Fashion Festival 2021, APR featured 5 brands including Geulis, Inen Signature and Salt n Pepper. The festival showcased sustainable fashion trends in 30 ready-to-wear Muslim clothing collections.

This edition featured our collaboration with PT Wiska in launching EcoPure S, an anti-microbial towel and bathrobe collection produced using APR’s biodegradable viscose rayon. On sustainability, we announced that our fibre is confirmed to be fully biodegradable in fresh water and soil and APR’s VSF have been awarded the international OK biodegradability WATER and OK biodegradability SOIL labeled by accredited certification board, TUV Austria. The company also became the first company headquartered in South-East Asia to commit to the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action under the auspices of UN Climate Change. Signatories to the Charter is guided by the mission to net-zero GHG emissions no later than 2050 and includes a targets of 30% GHG emissions reductions by 2030. Last but not least, APR’s Sodium Sulphate Salt, a by-product from the Viscose production process is certified Halal.

Read all the highlights of second quarter of 2021 here

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