How to Wash Viscose Properly

What is Viscose?

Viscose is a type of textile made from the cellulose fibres that are contained in wood pulp. It has a silk-like appearance and the ability to absorb and retain rich and vibrant colours. Its cellulosic base gives it properties similar to those of cotton and smoothness similar to silk, meaning it’s moisture absorbent, breathable and comfortable to wear.

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How to Wash and Care for Viscose?

How to wash viscose is a commonly asked question. Viscose is soft and has a silky texture, so although it can be washed in the machine, to keep it smooth it’s better to wash it by hand.

1. Hand washing

The easiest, and preferred, way to wash viscose is by hand using a mild detergent, because it can maintain the quality of the fibre while saving energy. There’s no need to use fabric softener because viscose is naturally soft. To maintain the fabric’s texture, strength and colour, wash viscose in cold water.

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  • Pour cold water into a washing up bowl.
  • Add a few drops of mild detergent.
  • Mix water and detergent.
  • Turn your viscose garment inside out before washing to retain the colour and texture.
  • Don’t brush. Simply rubbing the garment by hand will remove any dirt from the cloth.
  • After a few minutes, rinse with cold water to remove detergent.
  • Rinse with clean water until soap suds stop foaming.

Tips: Squeeze the excess water gently out of the fabric. No need to squeeze it too hard because the viscose dries quickly.

 2. Gentle wash

Here’s the good news: viscose is meant to go in the washing machine. If you choose to use a washing machine instead of hand washing, put the clothes in a wash bag. Wash in cold water, and select the slowest spin speed.

Tips: Turn the garment inside out, choose a gentle cycle, then sit back and relax.

3. Natural drying

  • Place your viscose garments flat or hang in a well-ventilated area to speed up the drying
  • Avoid using pegs as these can leave an indent. Instead, get a hanger.
  • When drying in the sun, turn the garment inside out to preserve the colour. The fabric will regain its soft, silk-like nature when dried.

Tips: Place the viscose clothing on a dry towel and let it dry.

4. How to iron viscose

Viscose may feel stiff after washing, but it becomes softer when dried and ironed. When the fabric is completely dry, iron it at the correct low temperature setting to restore the garment to its original shape. Alternatively, let it dry completely and steam the wrinkles with a clothes steamer.

Tips: Iron inside out to preserve the colour and avoid shiny spots.

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Why is viscose a better choice?

Viscose is made from biodegradable and renewable resources

Viscose is a preferred sustainable fibre because, unlike acrylic, polyester, nylon and other petroleum-based synthetic fibres, it does not shed micro plastics when washed. Made from 100% wood cellulose, viscose is biodegradable and naturally decomposes. APR’s viscose rayon is produced from trees grown in sustainably managed plantations that are independently certified, primarily through international body PEFC™. APR’s sustainability strategy APR2030 includes commitments to empower people, transform communities and address climate change by focusing on clean and circular manufacturing.

Features of viscose

  • Breathable, comfortable, and easy to wear both in its pure form and in blended fabrics.
  • Simple to care for and long-lasting.
  • A sustainably created, earth-loving material.
  • Viscose can come in a silky or matte finish, but it’s smooth and soft to the touch.


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