Bintoro’s Story in Implementing Lean Manufacturing in APR

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For Bintoro, a Process Engineer in the Wet Sulfuric Acid (WSA) Plant, there are many highlights of his career at Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), but one stands out in particular – the time his team earned a 6S green certificate for successfully implementing lean manufacturing.

“It’s a big achievement because in the early days I joined WSA, we were very far from being able to get a green score,” Bintoro says.

To earn a green rating a department must successfully implement the 6S principles for three consecutive months:

  • Sort: Separate what is needed in the working area and what is not, remove the unnecessary
  • Set in order: Organize the necessary
  • Shine: Clean and always inspect
  • Safety: Create a safe workplace
  • Standardize: Make consistent cleaning, inspection, and safety practices
  • Sustain: Improve and keep implementing the 6S as the way of life

Joining APR

Bintoro joined APR in August 2018, initially as an Engineering Development Trainee with a placement at the WSA Plant Department. After a year of training, he succeeded in becoming a Process Engineer in August 2019.
His main task is to ensure that all production processes are in accordance with lean manufacturing designs, including ensuring product quality.

“Upon graduating from Riau University with a degree of Chemical Engineering, I knew that joining APR is a golden opportunity,” said Bintoro. “Not only because it runs a very interesting production cycle, turning pulp into rayon fiber, but also because APR’s start-up project will provide me so much knowledge.”

Teamwork and Continuous Improvement

Bintoro admitted that his success lies in the strength of teamwork and the awareness of each member in it to make continuous improvements.

“I am so grateful to have such a passionate leader with a positive energy. He consistently encouraged all team members to be able to achieve green scores. It stuck in my mind how he often called for continuous improvement, which is one of our company’s core values,” Bintoro explained.

Success started with creating a cleaning schedule. “We also created the form from each schedule so everyone can always track the progress. This first step is important to ensure our working area is always clean,” Bintoro explained.

The next step is labelling. All the WSA Plant members worked together to label equipment and add safety signage.

“The third step was to set up several standards, so we are all on the same page on the ideal cleanliness and tidiness of our workspace,” Bintoro said. “We also created evaluation and patrol schedules as the fourth step. What we did was patrolling around the working area in groups to check out anything that needs improvement.”
“And finally, the fifth and most important step is morning briefing that we still have every day to keep reminding everyone about the importance of 6S.”

In April 2019, the WSA Plant managed to get its first green rating.

“At that moment, a sense of pride rose in my chest. Not only because we finally made it to the green rating, but because of the hard work and teamwork.

“For me, the most important things to have a bright career are working in a solid team with strong spirit to move forward together, and a supportive, optimistic leader,” Bintoro said.

Nothing is Impossible

Another memorable moment in Bintoro’s journey with APR was when he celebrated APR’s 2nd anniversary.
“It was another moment that also fired my spirits,” he said.

“I have witnessed and faced various obstacles since the starting point of APR’s operation. But our journey has been amazing during these two years. I remember our superiors said that we all have to be enthusiastic and believe that there will be the 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 50th APR’s anniversary,” he continued.

“From that time, I am determined to never be pessimistic, because APR has taught me the importance of hard work driven by a positive spirit,” Bintoro concluded.

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