Passing Down Integrity and Loyalty Through Generations

Like father, like son, as the saying goes, and 49-year-old Akhyar Effendi was more than happy to follow in the footsteps of his late father, Aguslan, who was an employee of one of Royal Golden Eagle’s (RGE) business groups in the 80s.

In 1993 Akhyar decided to join another of RGE’s business groups, Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), as a Receiver in the Logistic Department.

Akhyar Effendi, one of the second generation in RGE group

In 2017, Akhyar made a move to APRIL’s sister company, Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), as a Coordinator in the Department of Process Development and Safety Process.

Family pride

Living in Pangkalan Kerinci for 28 years, Akhyar has seen the place grow drastically.
“Only a few people were living here back then, you could even lie down on the empty streets at noon!” Akhyar said.

Pangkalan Kerinci transformation

“Now, Kerinci has transformed into a social and commercial regional hub. I’m proud to say that my family has taken part in the development.”

Akhyar’s father was the head of the Human Resources Department when Akhyar began his career at APRIL.


Akhyar’s late father, Aguslan at one of RGE’s event

“My father once nagged at me when I made a joke about asking for a raise to the HR department at APRIL. He firmly said that I shouldn’t even dream about that. The only way to ask for a raise or promotion, he said, is by working hard, prove that I’m worth it and the company will notice it,” Akhyar said.

Akhyar said that his father gave him a lot of professional advice, but there is one piece that he will never forget.

“My father advised never to leave the company unless the company no longer needs you. As he was there during the early years of RGE, he recounted that it wasn’t a walk in the park back then, and the company has since grown bigger in the past 54 years. It gives him a sense of pride that he contributed to this growth in the company and community,” Akhyar explained.

Akhyar passed on the same advice to his son, who recently joined the group.

“I never pushed him to work at the same company as me. But since his youth, my son got exposure to skill development from his grandfather and me. I think that was what drove the intergenerational jobs in our family and the company,” he said.

“I always told my son that the competition to join this company is fierce. He worked hard for it and when he finally made it as an Assistant Trainee at Riau Fiber, I was so proud of him.”

Akhyar and his son, M.Yudha Bramagusti who is now serving the company as Assistant Trainee at Riau Fiber

A room to grow

Upon joining APR in 2017, Akhyar underwent intensice training at APR’s sister company in China, Sateri.

“Since I joined APRIL in 1993, I realized that all of the business groups in RGE always provide us room to grow personally and professionally. But, being able to go to China for training is just on another level of development opportunities, and I’m so grateful for the chance,” Akhyar explained.

“The training has given me so many insights to contribute to higher productivity, especially since my current responsibilities are closely related to safety and workplace improvement,” Akhyar said.

“I also get to maintain work-life balance since I live in Riau Complex, which is built by the company for the employees and our families,” Akhyar added.

His 28 years of dedication have made Akhyar proud to see the younger generation’s passion in the company toward their careers.

“The passion in them always reminds me of when I was young. My message to the next generation of this company is to remember that the company will always give you tons of opportunities to grow, so please work with full integrity and loyalty. I really would like to see the younger generation excel and bring the company to greater heights,” Akhyar said.


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