The Minister of Trade Appreciates APR’s Contribution to Indonesia’s Textile Sector

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) held a gathering for more than 200 stakeholders in Jakarta to share our focus on innovation and sustainability, as well as our ongoing commitment in developing the textile sector in Indonesia.

mendag zulkifli hasan industri tekstil

The theme for the gathering – ‘From Plantation to Fashion in a Sustainable Way’ – was designed to reflect the scale and scope of APR’s business since it first began operations in 2018.

The gathering was attended by Zulkifli Hasan, the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, along with senior officials from the Indonesian government and embassies, domestic and international customers, as well as business partners and representatives of other RGE business groups. In his remarks, Minister Zulkifli acknowledged APR’s contribution to national economic recovery as a manufacturer of eco-friendly viscose rayon fibre.

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Praveen Singhavi, Special Advisor to APR, said: “Today, APR is one of the world’s largest integrated viscose-rayon fibre producers, enabling us to deliver high-quality viscose for Indonesia and the global textile market. As Indonesia and the rest of the world shift towards a bio-economy and low-carbon development, the fashion and textile industry can and should be part of this transition. The first step is choosing the right material, and viscose is a bio-based renewable material.”

“APR is Everything Indonesia, and we will continue to invest heavily in R&D and innovations allowing us to deliver high-quality viscose for Indonesia and the global textile market. We will remain committed to increasing our contribution to Indonesia’s sustainable economic development,” he added.

tekstil dalam negeri

On the same occasion, Director of APR Basrie Kamba explained that Indonesia’s dependence on imports of rayon fibre has decreased in line with the operation of APR in 2018.

And to answer the rising global demand for viscose, APR plans to increase its production capacity, from 300,000 tons to 600,000 tons per year.

bangga buatan indonesia

During the Gala Dinner, APR also presented a series of fashion shows from domestic and overseas customer brands that showcased dresses made from viscose and Lyocell, a high-quality, environmentally friendly rayon fibre product. The collection featured a variety of ready-to-wear clothing for men, women, and modest fashion. All the clothes looked beautiful and drapery as the models walked down the runway.


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