Together with Jakarta Fashion Hub, PURANA X Hakim Satriyo Launched Latest Collections Using Sustainable Materials

Not many people know that Jakarta Fashion Hub is very open to collaboration with local designers

By Astrid Bestari, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia
Translated from Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia

The Purana label has launched the latest spring/summer 2021 collection in collaboration with photographer Hakim Satriyo and Jakarta Fashion Hub. ‘Synchronized’, the name of the collection, focuses on creating patchworks from leftover materials of the fashion label and combined with modern fabric manipulation technique.

Aside from optimizing the leftover production materials, all of Purana’s collection use viscose-rayon, a biodegradable material, as its main fabric material. This viscose-rayon fibre material is produced by Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) that initiated the establishment of the collaborative space, Jakarta Fashion Hub.

kolaborasi purana dan hakim satriyo

“We initially wanted to create a new fabric motif using patchworks but there is not enough fabric to make a whole collection. We then pitched the idea to Hakim to string the pieces of cloth to turn into a design to be photographed. The results will then be used as the cloth motif,” according to Nonita Respati, Creative Director of Purana.

PURANA and Hakim’s collaboration has resulted in a genius collection. Both can combine clothing designs from leftover materials and viscose-rayon material with contemporary and visually beautiful photography.

This collaboration has become a personal challenge for Hakim Satriyo, known for his signature black and white photography. Besides getting out of his comfort zone, Hakim also did some other tricks to achieve the end-result, from freezing the cloths in the freezer, spraying them with oil, frying, boiling, to tearing them.

purana x jakarta fashion hub

The synchronization of the two gave birth to a series of collections in leisure-wear style that is chic and modern. The Spring/Summer Synchronized collection is quite relevant with the current pandemic condition. In the new normal to stay at home, the collection is comfortable enough to be used at home or pandemic style staycation.

There are so many options from outer-wear kimono style  to wearable coat dresses that can be matched with other clothing idems. The viscose rayon material that is used as the main material for the leisure wear collection is perfect because of its flowy characteristics to be used in a tropical country like Indonesia.

To complete this collection, the fashion label also provides formal clothing options, like off shoulder tops or jumpsuits that are comfortable without eliminating the aesthetics while attending an intimate party. Although the pandemic has reduced the room for designers to work freely, Nonita doesn’t see it as a problem. The decision to collaborate with Jakarta Fashion Hub helps PURANA to support the creation of certain collections of this brand.

“I feel very blessed as the local fashion industry’s purchasing power was very impacted. There is a challenge of not being able to organize an offline event. Thankfully, I was able to use all of the fabric from APR, with a one stop shopping facility vis a vis the Jakarta Fashion Hub,” said Nonita.

After the 2021 Spring/Summer collection Synchronized is completed, Jakarta Fashion Hub also provides facilities for launching collection. JFH welcomes collaboration with designers and other fashion enthusiasts, such as students from design school, startup owners, and even the general public.

“Jakarta Fashion Hub is a place of collaboration for fashion enthusiasts, with facilities to support the creativity of Indonesians. It is open for designers, college students, to fashion enthusiasts who have recently started their business,” said Sheila Rahmat, Head of Marketing Communication, Asia Pacific Rayon.

As a collaboration space for fellow enthusiasts in the fashion industry, Jakarta Fashion Hub provides various privileges for its members, such as a co-working space, mini atelier, mini studio, mini store, and access to purchase viscose-rayon clothes at affordable prices.

Are you interested to create and collaborate with Jakarta Fashion Hub? More information on the partnership can be accessed at, or DM via @jakartafashionhub Instagram account.


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