With Gratitude, APR Grows Three

The 3rd anniversary of Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) marks a special milestone in the company’s history. The management and employees celebrated by hosting a virtual event at APR’s operations in Pangkalan Kerinci. The theme, aptly named ‘Grow Three, Grow APR’, gave us the opportunity to reflect on the last few years, recognizing all that APR has achieved since operations began in December 2018.

Despite the global pandemic, APR has continued its rapid progress, growing in the way of productivity and in numbers.

APR’s Operations Director, Saleel Rajaram Nayak said: “Good teamwork in APR’s operations is the key to the company’s success to date. Today APR is three years old, but we still have a long way to go together and become even better.”

asia pacific rayon operation

Throughout this time, APR has committed to building a sustainable future by operating responsibly. This pledge is realized by the launch of the APR2030 sustainability plan, which focuses on four pillars; positive impact on climate and nature, clean manufacturing, circularity and inclusive communities.

asia pacific rayon third anniversary

APR also announced its plans to expand and double its production output in the next few years. In what has been a challenging year, APR is grateful to have also been given the Primaniyarta Award for Pioneering New Product Exporter.

Mr Nayak went on to say: “Hopefully, in the future, APR can continue to grow like a tree, share goodness with the surrounding communities, and be more successful in creating value also for the Country, Climate, Customers, and Company.”


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