Asia Pacific Rayon Joins Textile Exchange

Pangkalan Kerinci – 5 August 2019, Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) has joined Textile Exchange as a new member. A global non-profit organisation that promotes sustainability in the textile value chain, Textile Exchange works closely with its members to drive industry transformation in preferred fibres, integrity, standards and responsible supply networks aiming at minimising the negative environmental impact of the global textile industry.

Founded in 2002, Textile Exchange provides the knowledge and tools the industry needs to make significant improvements in three core areas: Fibre and Materials, Integrity and Standards, and Supply Network.

Becoming a member of Textile Exchange is APR’s commitment to sustainability and driving continuous improvements across our operations. Textile Exchange provides a global platform to learn from industry peers, drive industry transformation in preferred textile fibres, and collaborate on innovations in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

APR commenced its operations in December 2018 and has an installed production capacity of 240,000 tonnes per annum. Located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau province, APR is Asia’s first fully integrated producer of viscose rayon – from sustainably-managed plantation to viscose fibre.

APR’s operations are guided by its 5C’s business vision. Everything we do must be “good for the Community, good for the Country, good for the Climate, good for Customer and only then will it be good for the Company”.

Recognizing that we have an important part to play in the larger ecosystem of stakeholders, APR is committed to supporting the goal to make the textile industry a sustainable and responsible sector today and for future generations.

About Textile Exchange:

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit that works closely with our members to drive industry transformation in preferred fibers, integrity and standards and responsible supply networks. We identify and share best practices regarding farming, materials, processing, traceability and product end-of-life in order to reduce the textile industry’s impact on the world’s water, soil and air, and the human population.

About Asia Pacific Rayon:

APR, the first integrated viscose-rayon manufacturer in Asia, commenced operations earlier this year and has a production capacity of 240,000 tonnes a year. Located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau province, APR’s wood fibre comes from sustainably-managed plantations that are traceable along the entire value chain from nursery to viscose-rayon.

APR is committed to become a leading viscose-rayon producer that is sustainable, transparent, operationally efficient, serves the community’s and country’s interests and provides value to customers.


Media Contact:
Djarot Handoko
Head of Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific Rayon

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