Asia Pacific Rayon Wins Primaniyarta Award for Pioneering New Product Exporter

APR gained recognition for its impressive export performance for sustainable viscose made from acacia wood cellulose despite the Covid-19 pressure.

Jakarta, 21 October 2021 – Sustainable viscose producer Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) has won the Primaniyarta Award for Pioneering New Product Exporter.

This is the first time that APR has won the prestigious Primaniyarta Award since the company started operations in 2019. The award is the highest appreciation bestowed by the government for aspiring exporters who continuously show excellent export performance.

The award was presented by the Minister of Trade, Muhammad Luthfi, to APR Director, Basrie Kamba, in a presentation ceremony virtually attended by President Joko Widodo. The ceremony was held to coincide with the opening of Trade Expo Indonesia-Digital Edition 2021 at Pullman Hotel Jakarta.

Basrie said this achievement resulted from hard work in marketing viscose rayon around the world despite the pandemic. To date, APR’s viscose fibre is sold in 16 countries, and 52% of total production last year was exported abroad.

“The Primaniyarta Award bestowed to APR drives us to continue to develop quality products to meet growing global demand for sustainable viscose-rayon fiber. We would not have achieved this award without the support of our workers, local communities, local governments in Pelalawan and Riau Provinces, as well as the Central Government,” said Basrie.

“This award is both an honor and a challenge for us. We will double our capacity from the current 240,000 tons per year to 600,000 tons per year in 2023,” Basrie continued.

Basrie also said that the achievement is aligned with the government’s vision to encourage export-oriented national production. Viscose rayon is increasingly in demand around the world as interest in more sustainable fashion grows.

“APR’s viscose rayon is sustainable because it is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber. And it also produced from sustainably-managed raw material that is PEFC-certified,” said Basrie.

APR also promotes transparency throughout the company’s supply chain through the “Follow Our Fiber” portal for consumers to ensure that our material is traceable to sustainably-managed sources.

APR set up Jakarta Fashion Hub as a solution to connect upstream and downstream textile industries and support the development of domestic fashion and textile SMEs.


About Asia Pacific Rayon:

Asia Pacific Rayon is the first integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia. Located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, the company uses the latest production technology to produce high-quality rayon to meet textile needs. APR is committed to becoming a leading viscose rayon producer with the principles of sustainability, transparency and operational efficiency, serves the interests of the community and the country, and provides value to customers. APR is part of the RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) group of resource-based manufacturing companies. Sustainability is fundamental to APR. The APR Sustainability Policy, updated in September 2020, includes additional commitments on pulp sourcing and clean manufacturing.

Media contact:
Djarot Handoko
Head of Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific Rayon

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