Asia Pacific Rayon Viscose Certified as Industrially Compostable

Pangkalan Kerinci, 24 August 2020Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) is proud to announce that DIN CERTCO has awarded our viscose staple fibre the international recognised Seedling® logo.


The Seedling® logo is the quality mark for products and packaging, which are certified as industrially compostable according to the European standard EN 13432.

The testing for the certification includes:

  • Chemical testing for the disclosure of all constituents, ensuring threshold values for heavy metals are adhered to,
  • Biodegradability in controlled composting conditions (oxygen consumption and production of CO2) demonstrating proof that at least 90 percent of the organic material is converted into CO2 within 6 months,
  • Disintegration after 3 months’ composting and subsequent sifting through a 2 mm sieve, where no more than 10 percent residue may remain, as compared to the original mass,
  • Practical compostability test in a semi-industrial (or industrial) composting facility and where no negative influence on the composting process is permitted,
  • An Eco-toxicity test and examination of the effect of resultant compost on plant growth (agronomic test).

To be awarded the certificate, APR must pass all tests, not merely individual sections, for the same material, and the tests must be conducted and approved by the same testing laboratories.

In addition, APR was also awarded the DIN-Geprüft test mark for industrial compostability. The recognised DIN-Geprüft mark is proof that our product bearing this mark meet stringent safety and quality standards.
DIN CERTCO, awards DIN-Geprüft, after stringent testing of the product by an independent accredited laboratory. Awarding the DIN-Geprüft mark indicates that a product is of a high standard and complies with DIN, DIN EN or DIN EN ISO standards.


APR has retained OEKO-TEX® 100 certification which verifies that our product has been tested for harmful substances and that it is harmless for human health. Being certified as 100% biobased and now as industrially compostable demonstrates why APR viscose rayon a sustainable natural fibre is preferred over synthetics.

About Asia Pacific Rayon
Asia Pacific Rayon is the first fully integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia. The factory with 240,000 tonne capacity, located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, uses the latest production technology to produce high-quality rayon to meet textile needs. APR is committed to becoming a leading viscose rayon producer that has the principles of sustainability, transparency and operational efficiency, serves the interests of the community and the country, and provides value to customers. APR is part of the RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) group of resource-based manufacturing companies.

Media contact:
Djarot Handoko
Head of Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific Rayon

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