From Renewable Fibre to High-Fashion, featuring Asia Pacific Rayon at Indo Intertex  2019

Designers showcase the export potential of viscose-rayon fashion


JAKARTA, 28 March 2019: The ability to transform viscose-rayon into sustainably produced high-quality fashion that may one day find their place on the fashion runways in Paris, Milan and New York was creatively showcased today by eight aspiring Indonesian fashion designers at Indo Intertex 2019 held at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta.

The designers partnered with Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), one of the largest integrated producers of viscose-rayon in Asia, to create designs using fabrics made from sustainably produced viscose-rayon.

This is APR’s debut at Indo Intertex featuring Viscose World exhibition, a collection of manufacturers representing the full integration of the value chain from fibre, yarn, fabric and garment. They include Duniatex, Argo Pantes, Dhanar Mas Group and PT. Multi Sandang Tamajaya.

Fashion Walk APR

Featuring viscose-rayon designs by designers Aldrie and Ali Charisma

“The contribution of textile and fashion to the Indonesian economy is increasing and therefore, the Government is projecting textile export value to reach USD15 billion this year,” said Mudhori, Director for Textile, Leather, Footwear and Multifarious Industries, of the Ministry of Industry in the opening ceremony Indo Intertex 2019. “The debut of APR signifies the future of Indonesian textile industry as viscose-rayon is a raw material for the future.”


Pak Mudhori Visits APR Booth

APR Director, Basrie Kamba, explaining the company’s viscose-rayon production process to Director for Textile, Leather, Footwear and Multifarious Industries, of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Mudhori, at the Indo-Intertex exhibition 2019 in Jakarta.

Basrie Kamba, Director, Asia Pacific Rayon, added that APR, which commenced operations this year with a production capacity of 240,000 tonnes of viscose-rayon per annum, is slated to become the largest producer of its kind in Asia using only sustainable and traceable raw materials.

“We are excited of our debut in Indo Intertex and to showcase the export opportunities for the Indonesian textile sector, as well as the opportunity to unleash Indonesia’s creative fashion talent to the world. The designers we supported today demonstrate that it’s absolutely possible to produce high-quality fashion from Indonesia, with viscose-rayon providing a competitive advantage,” he added.

APR is also a gold sponsor of Indonesian Textile Association (API) seminar, participating on the panel “Sustainable Manufacturing and Fashion Trend Analysis”.  At the panel, the company emphasized its commitment to the growth of national textile industry under the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap, and ensuring a sustainable raw material made in Indonesia to support the Indonesian textile sector.

The Indonesian Textile Association (API) estimates that Indonesian textile export value can reach up to IDR 444 trillion (approximately USD30 billiion) by 2025. APR projects that it will be able to distribute more than 120,000 tonnes of viscose-rayon to a number of global export markets in 2019, including Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.


Media Contact:
Nenda Pratiwie
Corporate Communications


About Asia Pacific Rayon:

Asia Pacific Rayon is the first fully-integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia producing viscose-rayon fibre from renewable plantations. Located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, APR mill has the capacity of 240.000 tonnes per annum and uses latest production technology to create high-quality fibre for textile and personal hygiene products. APR is committed to become a leading viscose-rayon producer that is sustainable, transparent, operationally efficient, serves the community’s and country’s interests and provides value to customers.

Viscose World Partners:

 Viscose world partners

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