APR’s Vision of Becoming a World-class VSF Facility

Susan Slabbert, APR Sustainability Specialist

The EU BAT Polymer BREF and ZDHC MMCF guidelines are APR’s guiding principles. Our commitments to the standards shape the day-to-day operations at our mill and underlie our efforts to become a world-class VSF facility. Every member of the APR team, from mill workers to senior managers, embodies these principles in everything we do. Our company senior leaders, including APR President Director and Chief Operating Officer, are taking strides to eliminate sustainability gaps and have set ambitious targets that inform and inspire the activities of employees at every level of the company.

APR2030 is the North Star steering our company to new heights. It documents ambitious sustainability targets that I am confident we can achieve on the strength of our team. We have done our homework and know exactly where we stand on sustainability compared to the industry and our peers. I take pride in knowing that future leaders, who are skilled at bringing solutions to the table, will emerge from our team to tackle the challenge of climate change. I do my best to keep the team motivated and remind everyone to celebrate even the smallest victory because incremental steps will help us achieve monumental goals.

I occupy a unique position as the only foreign woman at APR’s Pangkalan Kerinci mill and the only female member of our operations management team. Because it is a new organisation with many moving parts, I worked hard to establish my place within APR. As a self-starter who prefers a hands-on approach, I am honoured to be part of a passionate team that has a strong leadership structure. I am especially pleased that our senior managers place tremendous importance on training young employees and local women to become the company’s future leaders.

About: Susan oversees sustainability at APR’s Pangkalan Kerinci mill. She acts as a liaison between the corporate and operations teams and translates the company’s sustainability vision into concrete policies that inform day-to-day activities at the mill level.

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