Bringing APR’s Viscose to Market

Tapan Sannigrahi, Vice President – Product and Business Development, APR

APR’s viscose differs from the competition due to our vertically integrated operations that allow us to oversee every aspect of our production process from plantation to fibre, and now to yarn. We launched Asia Pacific Yarn (APY) in 2020 to stay on top of quality control, adapt to changing market needs, and embrace emerging opportunities. Through these activities, APY provides strategic support to APR as we scale to meet the growing local and international demand for viscose.

APR supplies to nearly 20 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. We also serve emerging markets in the Middle East and Latin America. Our biggest growth markets outside Indonesia at the moment is India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Traditional cotton production and consumption in these countries have little room to grow due to the cotton industry’s sizeable environmental footprint. The result is a favourable market for viscose rayon.

Our customers’ success is APR’s success. As we support their growth, we are also promoting the benefits of viscose in local and international markets. We provide this assistance to suppliers who purchase viscose directly from us and their customers, who bring garments to the market.  APR promotes our customers’ products through our platforms, including the Jakarta Fashion Hub, and at national and international trade shows and exhibitions, alongside our fibre. Our marketing team provides promotional assistance such as social media campaigns and product launches. Finally, the Jakarta Fashion Hub facilitates outreach activities that educate the public on viscose and the latest fashion trends. While markets have slowed in 2020 due to COVID-19, we continue to innovate, push boundaries while maintaining an open dialogue with customers in different markets.

About: Tapan manages APR and APY’s product development, business development and marketing strategies.

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