The Importance of Supporting Textiles and Fashion by Indonesians for Indonesians

Basrie Kamba, Director, APR

APR launched the Everything Indonesia campaign to promote the sourcing and production of Indonesian viscose and fashion. From plantation through to the processing of textile fibre, we source and manufacture our viscose in Indonesia. In doing so, we have established ourselves as a leader in the Indonesian textile industry. Our Everything Indonesia campaign aligns with #BanggaBuatanIndonesia (Proudly Made in Indonesia), a national movement that champions Indonesian goods and services locally and internationally.

There is tremendous consumer demand for modest wear in Indonesia, and this market segment is growing. Demand for modest fashion is also rising in neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, as well as Middle Eastern and African nations. One of the main goals of our Everything Indonesia campaign is to establish the country as an international centre for modest wear. To this end, APR is promoting Indonesian-made products and the adoption of sustainable production processes and materials. Although we work with government, industry, and education partners to promote Indonesian textiles and fashion, our Everything Indonesia campaign also targets consumers and end-users because they are the ones who drive demand. Initiatives that support the Everything Indonesia campaign include collaborating with the country’s largest annual Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST). APR is also in conversation with different parties to pilot projects that promote the procurement of 100% sustainably produced Indonesian-made uniforms by government agencies.

In 2020, APR is also proud to have launched Jakarta Fashion Hub (JFH). JFH is making a difference by promoting sustainably sourced and produced textiles and fashion by Indonesians for Indonesians. JFH also promotes the Everything Indonesia campaign goals to designers, influencers, government representatives, small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), fashion writers, and other like-minded industry players.

Despite the success of our Everything Indonesia campaign, we realise that we cannot act alone to achieve its goals and those of the #BanggaBuatanIndonesia programme. It takes the combined efforts of industry, government, designers, brand owners, media and social stakeholders to promote Indonesian textiles and fashions and to change public perceptions about buying locally produced goods and supporting domestic brands. To succeed, we must all work together in the spirit of gotong-royong, the Indonesian tradition of co-operation and community.

About: As APR’s President Director, Basrie Kamba leads the company’s external engagement and government relations initiatives, and has oversight of APR’s business operations.

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