APR Brings Local Batik to a Higher Level

Indonesia Batik was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list in 2009, as has been internationally recognized as an historical fabric of human civilization. National Batik day is a day to celebrate the recognition by UNESCO for our unique heritage rooted in the country history and cultural art form. We marked the occasion by partnering with Riau-based designer Andi Fitri Hartuti.


In Riau, Andi is a well-known fashion designer that made a collection of ready-to-wear Muslim clothing consisting of four beautiful designs using a series of viscose batik fabrics. The batik were crafted by the women at Rumah Batik Andalan (RBA). This collection is produced with natural dyes, and some of the motifs are also inspired by plants that grow in the surrounding environment, such as the betel leaf motif, gotu kola leaf, lotus leaf and timun suri combined with the bono wave motif which is an iconic motif from RBA. The collection even uses natural dyes derived from ketapang leaves, jengkol bark and teak.

national batik day 2021

“I am very happy and proud to have this collaboration opportunity because it brings Riau batik to the national stage. I am also grateful that APR facilitated the photoshoot at the rooftop of Senayan City Mall and I was able to visit and take advantage of Jakarta Fashion Hub facilities,” said Andi.

batik khas indonesia

Ade Irmawani, the RBA Coordinator, said that she and her fellow batik makers did not expect their batik cloth to become modest fashion clothes.

“Usually RBA batik is bought by customers to be used as work uniform or clothes to parties in the region, but the APR collaboration brings our batik fabrics to look much more valuable in fashion,” she said.

batik warisan budaya indonesia unesco

APR continues to support batik craftswomen and local designers in raising awareness of batik on the national and international stage.


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