At APR, we understand that sustainability does not work without transparency. Both are necessary for continuous improvement in responsible manufacturing. As a result of our commitment to become a leading responsible viscose manufacturer, we are making transparent the critical sustainability performance indicators on our sustainability dashboard.

The indicators were chosen based on what is required by internationally recognised standards and also our commitments and core values. The dashboard focuses on pulp sourcing, responsible manufacturing and programmes to support our people and communities.

Pulp Sourcing

Pulp Sourcing

  • Certified Pulp 95% PEFC CoC, 5% Controlled Sources


  • Mill


  • Plantation

Pulp Origin

  • Indonesia


  • N.American

Clean Manufacturing

Freshwater Consumption

55.7 m3/ton VSF

Energy Consumption

1.0 MWh/ton VSF

Chemical Recovery

Carbon Disulphide (CS2)

Air Emissions

Total Sulphur
32.3 kg/t VSF

Effluent Quality

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
49.2 mg/litre

Effluent Quality

Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
25.8 mg/litre


Jobs created

> 103

% Youth

> 0

LTIFT per million man hours

*All information above based on 2019 Q4 average performance and is subject to internal review
*2019 Annual performance figures will be published in the APR sustainability report

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