Our Commitment

Sustainability is fundamental to APR. We firmly believe in the value of continuous improvement and transparency in guiding our sustainability efforts and engagement with stakeholders through open dialogues.

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Pulp Sourcing

We uphold and adopt the principle of No Deforestation and only source wood fibre from sustainably managed plantations and forests. Beyond this, we are committed to the transparency of our supply chain.

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Clean Manufacturing

We are committed to clean production of viscose fibre and we will constantly strive to operate in the top quartile of viscose manufacturing in the areas of reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, improved carbon disulphide (CS2) recovery, and waste water management in line with industry leading practices.

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Social Stewardship

At APR, we believe that wherever we operate, we have to help our communities in improving the quality of their lives and well-being. We care about the livelihoods of the communities around us and are committed to improving their living standards by focusing on employment, health and education.

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