From Kerinci to Finland: APR employee on a post-doctoral research scholarship

When Yin Ying H’ng first joined APRIL in June 2017, as a researcher based in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, she knew she would be staying in Indonesia for some time.

What she did not expect was that just two short years later, she would undertake year-long post-doctoral research at Aalto University in Finland – with full financial support from the company.

“I am deeply honoured and surprised that RGE offered me such a huge opportunity to take up a development program in this short time since joining,” Yin Ying said.

Before going to Finland, Yin Ying worked in APRIL’s Mill Research and Development Department as a wood chemistry specialist. In her time in the company, she had an extensive orientation and visited the production facilities of Sateri in China and Bracell in Brazil.

Yin Ying received her undergraduate of science and postgraduate qualifications from the University Sains Malaysia (USM) and obtained a PhD in chemical engineering from Tsukuba University, Japan. Yin Ying received a sports scholarship to study in USM and was awarded another scholarship by the Japanese government for her PhD.

“I have been very fortunate to have most of my education funded with scholarships, so I was quite sure completing my PhD would be the end of it.

“Needless to say, I feel fortunate right now to be adding to my existing knowledge and studying here in Finland because of RGE,” she shared.

Yin Ying is currently researching advanced textile fibre technology with a focus on man-made fibre at Aalto University, under the tutelage of renowned industry expert Dr Herbert Sixta.

Post Doctoral
Yinying at Aalto laboratory, Aalto University, Finland

Following her completion of the programme in October 2020 and her subsequent return to Indonesia, Yin Ying will put her new technical knowledge to use at Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) and APRIL.

Yin Ying firmly believes in viscose as the future fibre of fashion, due to its natural and renewable properties and the manufacturing processing being a closed loop.

“While the market is currently still dominated by fast fashion practices, there is increasing pressure for the industry to be more sustainable, and fibre sustainability and recyclability will be the key to this.”
“APR is evidently prepared to invest significantly in research and development – including investing in its employees – to ensure that APR’s ‘From Plantation to Fashion’ textile production process is sustainable and continuously innovating.”

Yin Ying is looking forward to contributing towards improving and optimising APR’s viscose rayon plant in Pangkalan Kerinci.

“I actually cannot wait to return to work in Kerinci. We identified a list of priority projects in next-generation production and product development,” Yin Ying shared.

Post Doctoral
Yinying and her friends on a team activity to Tallinn, Estonia

For now, Yin Ying is taking full advantage of her remaining months in Finland to immerse into the culture and life in Finland.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to travel to other parts of Europe due to the ongoing pandemic. I am just thankful I was able to visit Iceland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France before Covid-19.”

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