Sustainability – Original

Viscose Manufacturing

Clean manufacturing is fundamental to us

As one of the largest makers of viscose fibre, we take our commitment seriously to source wood pulp responsibly, minimise emissions and help build communities.

I. Responsible Production
100% compliance with laws and workplace regulations
Appropriate chemical management systems, including wastewater and air emissions treatment
II. Workers and community well-being
Measures in place to protect workers including the provision of protective gears and Proper training on health and safety procedures
Minimize the exposure of local communities to harmful chemicals
Promotion of gender and diversity inclusion
III. Continuous improvement
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction
Air emissions from processing plants reduced, with appropriate air pollution control systems in place
Reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials
IV. Transparency
Monitoring and reporting of environmental performance with third party verification
Addressing non-conformances including appropriate and immediate steps to remediate critical incidents

Click here to read about APR’s Follow Our Fibre initiative, a blockchain-based tracking platform that opens the door for traceability across the entire viscose fibre supply chain.

APR's Clean Manufacturing Key Performance Indicators

  • Continuous Repair in Emissions and Disposal

  • Increased CS2 Recovery