At APR it’s the People that makes our operations a success. Our core daily focus is on the empowerment, development, health and safety of our People.

Number of jobs created by APR in the past year
> 0 %
Of our employees are between the age of 24 – 35
> 0 %
of employees have post high school qualifications

People and Thoughts

Basrie Kamba

Director, APR

Sachin Malik

Global Head of Sales

Tapan Sannigrahi

Vice President – Product and Business Development, APR

Djarot Handoko

Head of Corporate Communications, APR

Sheila Rachmat

Head of Marketing Communications, APR

Susan Slabbert

Sustainability Specialist, APR

Metti Haryanti

Community Development Coordinator, APR

Rudine Antes

Industrial R&D Head, APRIL and APR