Everything Indonesia is the Key to Growth in Indonesia’s Fashion Industry

APR has quickly gained a reputation as a leading supplier of high quality viscose rayon fiber, which is emerging as a driver of growth for Indonesia’s fashion industry as well as a way to reduce the archipelago’s reliance on imported textile products.

In its first year of operations, APR has exported more than half its 240,000 tons of annual production to 14 countries, with the balance supplied to an expanding local fashion industry. The company is proud to be the only supplier of viscose rayon fiber produced using sustainable plantation wood cultivated entirely in Indonesia.

While the fashion industry has always been important to Indonesia’s economy, providing livelihoods for more than one million people, most of the nation’s clothing materials have been imported. In 2018 alone, Indonesia imported 760,000 tons of cotton – that’s almost 3kg for every Indonesian.

To contribute to reversing this trend, APR has launched its ‘Everything Indonesia’ campaign to promote the sourcing and production of fashion from Indonesia. The aim is to support Indonesia’s resurgence as a global centre for textile manufacturing, starting with viscose rayon as a catalyst for home-grown fashion design and creativity.

As part of its campaign, APR is collaborating with various Government agencies, associations, schools and industry partners to promote research and product development, as well as business development and marketing under the ‘Everything Indonesia’ campaign banner.

APR believes that viscose rayon can be an accelerator for the Indonesian fashion industry based on its sustainability credentials and its product qualities. It is based on 100% naturally derived cellulose, which means it is sustainable and biodegradable as well as being soft to touch and moisture absorbent.

For fashion designers, its unique structural properties enable it to absorb dyes and prints to bring out the radiant colours – a critical attribute for garments like traditional Indonesian Batik – while also providing an avenue for the creativity and passion of local designers.

“Everything Indonesia” was launched with much excitement together with Indonesia’s key textile industry members during Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) in October 2019. The event was attended by Indonesia Textile Association (API) and its members as well as brand representatives from the USA & Europe.

As a continuation of the “Everything Indonesia” campaign, APR collaborated with rising local designers from Indonesian Fashion Chambers (IFC), Sav Lavin and Eny Ming, for Bali Fashion Trend on 7-9 November, and Adi Barlan and Chaera Lee for Jakarta Fashion Trend on 20 November, to showcase unique Indonesian fashion trends made using viscose rayon.

Next month, from 10-11 December, APR will also join Intitut Teknologi Bandung on its EcoWeek event that will focus on sustainability and environmental issues in the fashion industry and how they can be addressed.

With such great potential to transform the fashion industry, the ‘Everything Indonesia’ campaign aims to promote and connect APR’s viscose rayon to all users – from fiber to fashion.

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