APR Collaborates with Local Brands to Build the ‘Everything Indonesia’ Spirit

Use of eco-friendly materials and collaboration with local brands designed to help further stimulate the domestic fashion industry in Indonesia


Jakarta, 27 Maret 2021 – Sustainable rayon fiber producer Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) and three local brands recently  collaborated at a fashion show with the theme ‘Sustainably Modest’ at the Muslim Fashion Festival (Muffest) 2021 in  Jakarta.

The purpose of the collaboration was to stimulate the creative economy industry, particularly the modest fashion sector, amidst the pandemic.

The three brands – Geulis, Inen Signature, and Salt n Pepper – showcased sustainable fashion trend through a collection of 30 ready to wear muslim clothing pieces designed to provide inspirations for the upcoming Ramadan. All of the collaborative items were made using APR’s viscose rayon fiber as the main material.

tren busana muslim 2021

APR’s viscose rayon fiber is widely known as a textile raw material that supports sustainable fashion trends because it is renewable, biodegradable, and easy to trace. In addition, the use of APR’s viscose rayon fiber also supports the government’s #BanggaBuatanIndonesia campaign that encourages the use of domestic products.

Ali Charisma, National Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) and the organizer of Muffest 2021, said the pandemic had put pressure on the domestic fashion business but a movement to strengthen local brands and to promote the use of eco-friendly products was a boost for the industry.

“Changes caused by the pandemic have made us realize the importance of supporting local brands and the use of environmentally friendly products. Sustainable and circular fashion will be crucial in the future, and this is what we are trying to package for the fashion show,” said Ali.

In the same spirit, Inen Signature displayed 10 new collections made from natural, environmentally friendly fiber. Using Secang Enchantment as its theme, Inen combined ecoprint with fabrics made from APR’s viscose-rayon fiber, as well as natural dyes derived from Secang wood and 10 different leaves, to produce a feminine collection.   

Geulis used ‘HARU’, which means spring, as the theme. Geulis combined fabrics made from APR’s viscose-rayon fibre with Japanese embroidery techniques and modern line patterns that resulted in a casual and modern classic collection.

“This collaboration is a challenge for us to make a collection using APR’s viscose-rayon that has a nice texture while still maintaining Geulis’ characteristics. This shows that rayon fabric can be used for various innovations and fashion variations to serve different styles, from casual to formal wear,” said Markus Happy Ganesha, Marketing and Communication Manager, Geulis.

Salt n Pepper, a brand that focuses on the men’s wear segment, displayed ten ready-to-wear casual and modern items using fabrics made from APR’s viscose-rayon. The “Everything Indonesia” theme wa incorporated into the presentation, from easy-to-wear materials to designs that captured the nuances of Indonesia.

In addition to the three brands, APR also collaborated with Hurrem by Fia and Mukena Arrumaisha at Muffest 2021, which took place over March 18-28. This was APR’s third participation in the biggest modest fashion festival in Southeast Asia since 2019.

muslim fashion festival 2021

“APR will continue to support the domestic modest fashion market to stimulate the textile and creative industry as well as SMEs. This collaboration is in line with the ‘Everything Indonesia’ spirit that encourages everyone to use locally produced raw materials to make Indonesia the world’s muslim fashion hub,” said Sheila Rachmat, Head of Marketing Communications, Asia Pacific Rayon.

During Muffest 2021, APR’s ‘Everything Indonesia’ booth displayed a range of viscose-rayon products and information about the Jakarta Fashion Hub. APR also held the Modest OOTD Styling Competition, a contest that combined private and collaborative fashion collections using viscose-rayon fabric, for visitors.

Hamidah Rachmayanti, one of the country’s celebrities looks elegant in Geulis collection. Hamidah attended as Muse at the APR fashion show


About Asia Pacific Rayon
Asia Pacific Rayon is the first fully integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia. Located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, uses the latest production technology to produce high-quality rayon to meet textile needs. APR is committed to becoming a leading viscose rayon producer with the principles of sustainability, transparency and operational efficiency, serves the interests of the community and the country, and provides value to customers. APR is part of the RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) group of resource-based manufacturing companies.

Sustainability is fundamental to APR. The APR Sustainability Policy, updated in September 2020, include additional commitments on pulp sourcing and clean manufacturing.

Media contact:
Djarot Handoko
Head of Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific Rayon
Email: Djarot_Handoko@aprayon.com

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