The Jakarta Fashion Hub: One Year Later

Sheila Rachmat, Head of Marketing Communications, APR

APR established Jakarta Fashion Hub to share our knowledge of textiles fibres and bring us closer to the Indonesian fashion community and textile end-users. We partner with local designers, clothing brands, and fashion enthusiasts to develop and grow sustainable businesses. We aim to support many start-ups by helping them overcome barriers in sourcing and buying fabric and materials to create their stunning collections.

The JFH celebrated its first anniversary in August 2021. Looking back at our first year, we have made some tremendous strides toward achieving our goals. We supported a total of 18 brands, built a social media following of 16.5k users, and started rolling out educational material on the benefits of viscose and sustainable fashion to consumers.

We accomplished all this despite the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of the JFH space during specific months. We had to rethink some of our initial plans but found ways to be effective even where we could not host in-person events and workshops. Our move to virtual activities was successful resulting in ever-increasing number of participants in our online webinars, workshops, and fashion shows.

More importantly, by shifting to online programmes, we are confident that we were moving in the right direction and were able to refine our offering. Once the pandemic restrictions are lifted, we hope to move ahead with a full slate of events, including workshops and outreach through JFH roadshows.

One thing I have noted during our online activities is workshop participants’ keen interest in sustainable fashion, including sustainable sourcing and production. Many brands have sought our expertise to help them define what it means when they say their operations and garments are sustainable. I am encouraged by their efforts, and expect Indonesian manufacturers and consumers to be increasingly receptive to locally sourced and sustainably-produced fashion.

JFH will continue expanding our promotional and educational activities and materials in the years to come, increasing the demand for sustainable fashion.

About: Sheila heads the marketing and communications arm of the Jakarta Fashion Hub and promotes viscose as the material of choice in the production of fabrics and textile blends.

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