Asia Pacific Yarn Kick Off Ceremony

Pangkalan Kerinci – February 29, 2020 – Asia Pacific Yarn (APY) has announced the start of its production operations in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau.

At a ceremony attended by employees at the new production facility, APY stated its vision to be a world class, responsible and efficient viscose rayon yarn manufacturer. APY aims to create value that is in line with Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) Group’s 5Cs business philosophy, which states that whatever we do, must be ‘good for the Community, good for the Country, good for the Climate, good for Customer, and only then will it be good for the Company.’

“This celebration brought together all relevant teams that supported the completion of the APY facility. This facility harnesses the best available technologies in textile and yarn and will provide new opportunities to communities across the region,” said Thomas Handoko, Director, Asia Pacific Rayon.

asia pacific rayon yarn fabric sustainable manufacture Indonesia

Using the latest technologies in yarn spinning and with an annual capacity of 7.56 metric tonnes per year, APY will produce high-quality yarn products. The annual output will be 72,000 kilograms of knitted fabrics per year, 432,000 meters of printed fabric, 400,000 meters of dyed fabric and 25,000 pieces of garments to support the Indonesian textile industry and overseas markets.

Ben Poon, Business Head, Asia Pacific Rayon, said, “APY brings us closer to our vision to become the most integrated manufacturer of viscose rayon yarn, from plantation to fashion, in Indonesia and the world. We are harnessing the expertise and capabilities of a truly world class staple fibre and yarn manufacturing facility to supply the best viscose fibres for customers and consumers.”

As an Indonesian viscose staple fiber yarn manufacturer, APY also supports Asia Pacific Rayon’s ‘Everything Indonesia’ campaign which was launched in October last year to promote local sourcing and production of fashion materials from Indonesia. The aim is to support Indonesia’s emergence as the global epicenter of textile manufacturing.

About Asia Pacific Yarn
Asia Pacific Yarn is a fully integrated viscose rayon yarn producer. Located in Pangkalan Kerinci, in Riau province, Sumatra, it has a production capacity of 21 tons per day. APY applies the latest production technology to produce high quality rayon yarn to meet the needs of the textile industry. It is committed to being a leading producer of viscose rayon yarn with the principles of sustainability, transparency and efficiency in operations, serving the interests of society and the country, and providing value to customers.

Media contact:
Djarot Handoko
Head of Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific Rayon

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